is the position of his hand a habit because that’ll be really cute

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we are on the hunt for loco mocos i mean heartless

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fuck regionals

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For the ones who asked for arm tutorials :)

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Makoto showering (س˘ཀ˘)س

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{is this not cute because I find it very cute}

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"You shoulder hasn't healed yet?"
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i kinda forgot i had this lying around and realized i didn’t put it up yet like i was suppose to! This was for lady-storms for her fic of this particular chapter. It’s about Ema having to marry Klavier due to certain circumstances and Ema agreeing to marry the fop in order to cover for her GIGANTIC mistake.

It’s a great read actually. Really humorous and there is this one specific part that makes heart cry EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. because I’m such a sucker.

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I feel that this week’s episode addressed a really important issue. The whole season is obviously addressing young people choosing what to do with their future, but this episode really showed just how much of a struggle it is for those who don’t know what they want to do, and the issues the pressure that is put on us when we’re being made to decide, when we’re expected to do great things, can bring about.

I think it was a particularly important issue to address within this series, because it’s an anime focused around swimming. Because this episode, the most talented swimmer who loves nothing more than to swim, was so absorbed in that pressure that it began to drown him, and that’s exactly how it feels when you’re under pressure.
You feel like you’re drowning.

It honestly nearly brought me to tears.


put your faith in what you most believe in 


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❝ I C A N ’ T  M O V E ,  I C A N ’ T  M O V E. ❞
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get to know me » friendships [1/10]
↳ aladdin, alibaba and morgiana
"don’t worry! our destinies are all intertwined. we’re sure to meet again!"

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S1 EP 12 & S2 EP 09
Do you not understand that what you do out there is going to impact your future?
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