"Hi.. Grandmother? Yeah this is Ging. Listen, I have a son and I need you to look after him for me. Why? I have…… Hunter stuff to do…. yeah. Who’s the mother? I… Sorry I have an important meeting with the Zodiacs I need to get to k-bye"

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idea from assassinshota

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*claps rapidly* *fireworks go off* *doctors, firemen and police halt their everyday jobs to bow and pray* *several thousand wails are heard across the nation* *main streets and small roads are flooded with tears* *Gon gives a barely audible “woohoo” on his deathbed* *Kurapika gently busts a move, smiling somewhere in his honor*

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July Anime Schedule


I hope we get more flashbacks of them as kids!!

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Both of Akashi’s eyes are yellow?! Is this still Oreshi or a merge of Oreshi and Bokushi?

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Club managers…

Help me, please!!
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If only it had all been a dream

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Momotarou Mikoshiba // Episode 4

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Jan, ken, pon!

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Sousuke Yamazaki || Episode 4
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